The Claw – Chasbo Zelena (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Many people have tried to sell the blues to me and I don’t seem to get it. Admittedly it’s a broad genre and it is probably just that I haven’t heard the right artist, though I have had everything from Robert Johnson’s voodoo acoustic tones to Joe flippin’ Bonna-flippin’ Massa (repeatedly) thrown at me and everything in between. That said had someone told me that blues also has room to accommodate the likes of Chasbo Zelena and the anarchic, raggedy, raucous singalong of The Claw then I would have been sold one the genre immediately.

I’m sure that there are blues aficionados who would balk at the rough edges and wayward nature of the “Chasbo Sound” which is what all the cool kids will be calling it soon, but I love it – wild, infectious, punk-spirited and cultish! It sounds both like a long lost piece of blues history and the next big thing, something that has been found by an eminent musicologist on a decaying tape at the back of a studio clearance sale and the perfect singalong in front of a crowd of thousands. But is it blues? Who cares! And anyway if you are the sort of person who asks such rigid questions, we probably can’t be friends anyway!


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