If Burn It pointed the way, arriving at Sugar Lime Blue’s (still a great name, by the way) Blackbird Sessions album is a revelation. That bluesy signpost belied exactly how eclectic and exciting the band is. We know they are good, but did we know they were this diverse and adventurous?

Nowhere runs on a slight reggae vibe but still has a foot firmly planted in rocks gravely terrain. Million Pieces takes a gentle alt-country stance, and Prophet seems to be attempting to blend Fleetwood Mac’s pop accessibility with Steve Ray’s southern blues salvos. And that is a neat trick if you can do it. (Spoiler Alert: They can. And then some.)

The album is rounded off with the odd, 50s vibed, Latin-infused, mutant bossa nova of Chupacabra, proving that they indeed have a strange sense of humour…but what is life without a slice of whimsey?

If Burn It brought you to this album, hold on to your horses. As great a single as that is, you ain’t heard nothing yet.


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