Rock and Metal, more than any other genre, love their sub-groups. It seems that every band wants to be in a category of their own, a post-this or a that-core, and arguments abound over where the lines of demarcation between these tribes lie. I have passed the point of caring; good music is good music, and that is all that matters. NinémiA make good music…let’s make that great music! And let’s agree to call it Metal and be done with it. Right? Right.

The latest single, The Acquired Savant, is a sonic oasis with everything the thirsty metaller could ever want. It motors like a badass. It employs the sort of riffs that developers might be used to demolish old car plants. The basslines move with the weight of tectonic plates, and the drums fall on you like an avalanche.

But it delivers all the required weight and technical skill without sacrificing the most important musical elements – groove, melody and addictiveness. You might not think such qualities are that important in the music of this muscular calibre, but you’d be wrong. Without such ideas to underpin Metal, it becomes just an unwieldy lump of noise; melody and groove are the things that order the chaos into harmony.

If you listen closely to The Acquired Savant, you can hear them at work. And that is what makes the difference. Without them, you have a purposeless noise fest, a dick-measuring contest of speed, weight and ego. With them, you have anthemic music, full of drama, ordered yet adventurous, focused yet changeable, full of addictive qualities and accessible to the masses, metallers and non-metallers alike.

The Acquired Savant definitely falls into the latter category.

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