Merrick Road – THANKYOUCHASE (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It doesn’t pay to hold your thoughts in, to let them stew and bubble away inside getting ever darker and more confused. Letting your deepest feelings out and clearing the air is always a healthy option and if you are a songwriter, those thoughts invariably find their way into song. Merrick Road, the debut single from Brooklyn’s THANKYOUCHASE, is the sound of just such a process in action.

He blends such relatable and emotive lyrics with a laid back, perhaps even wilfully lazy, pop-hop groove, a sultry blend of contemporary rap, electronica and Neo-soul vibes. The tune is spacious and atmospheric, relatable and honest. 

We’ve all been there, stuck in a place where moving on after a relationship is both the obvious thing to do and also the hardest. Most people distract themselves with a bottle or throw themselves into their work, or perhaps take a darker path whilst they try to process their emotions. THANKYOUCHASE opts for a different route, pouring his thoughts and feelings into a cool and cutting edge electro-ballad to help make sense of where his head is at!

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