Luanne-Hunt-cover.jpgIt seems that country music has in recent years been subjected to a lot of meddling and mischief. Strange experiments in East Nashville basements, psychedelic influxes from the west coast, indie splicing from the eastern seaboard and much more besides has resulted in alt-country, a genre that is often much more alt than it is country. It is great, therefore, to stumble across artists such as Luanne Hunt, artists who take an “if it ain’t broke…” approach to the genre.

It is not surprising that Luanne has been juggling hits and accolades for nearly a decade now and Texas Tears is a great example of why that should be so. This is definitely country music for the purist, nothing wrong with that, traditions are traditions for a reason and the same can be said about traditional sounds and there is something timeless and quintessentially country at work here.

But it goes beyond that; Luanne has a voice, which taps into an older vibe, one that goes back to the birth of the Nashville Sound, when the likes of Patsy Cline and Brenda Lee were helping to shape the genre. And it is this dynamic which shapes the music too, a smooth blend of instrumentation which weaves in and out of each others path to create wonderfully nuanced textures, from smooth, harmony vocals to honky tonking pianos to guitars breaks with just the right amount of twang all set to an exhilarating groove.

Every genre has its own evolutionary path and as such looks to the future but sometimes it is also useful to remember the journey that it has come on as well but if you can do both then you are surely onto a winner. Luanne Hunt has the perfect blend that revels in past glories but simultaneously strides confidently into glorious new horizons.

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