Aliens are a band for those in the know, a collection of musicians who have done the touring, played the stadiums and simply love the process of collaboration and getting back to the enjoyment of making music. But to call Aliens simply a band wouldn’t do them justice, with a cast of film makers, graphic designers and Del Amitri guitarist Iain Harvie steering the output from the sound engineering chair you’re in pretty safe hands.

Their new album, Terradome, comes as a response to the growing political uncertainty that seems to be affecting most of the Globe, pretty strong subject matter, but this is more Brit Pop than Billy Bragg and the catchy songs come thick and fast.

After the first 15 seconds you would be forgiven for thinking you’re at the beginning of a Rolling Stones album with it’s steady Charlie Watts-like drum beat and Keith Richards’ guitar riff but ‘Long Way To Run’ was (rightly so) the forerunner to the albums release and is a stand out track.

Personally, I think the album would have benefitted from more variation in the songs, ‘Lockdown’ sounded like a continuation of the previous track ‘Desolation Angel’, which is surprising given the creative talent within the Aliens ranks, but, that said, it’s a highly polished, accomplished offering.

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