Television Personalities –  Bud Collins Trio (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Bud Collins Trio coverMusic is a mirror to be held up to the world around it, to reflect one issue or another, to point at things, to raise questions. Television Personalities does just this, and okay it may not pose a direct question but it certainly points out the bizarre relationship we, as a modern society, has with celebrity status. And it is bizarre, we know it isn’t real, that theres is a fabricated world, one designed to make us feel better about ourselves, distract us from the grim realities of life and sell products, all of which is implied and examined through some wonderfully tongue in cheek lyrical rhetoric.

Coming from the EP No 5uch Th1ng, this is a track which hovers rather than drives, built of lilting hazy electronica and lazy beats, soft emotive vocals and washes of sound. It just floats its ideas out there and lets you draw your own conclusion via its deliberately obtuse narrative and unobtrusive sounds. Here the Bud Collins Trio is happy just to put the idea out there, have fun with it, smile wryly at the idea and leave the rest up to the listener.

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