Telegenik – Zetroc (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Zetroc makes music which simultaneously wanders a number of musical paths, hops all sorts of genric fences, and tests sonic demarcations but which always sounds like it is part of the same collection of works. Telegenik, his latest release, is both exploratory and consistent.

The core sound is one of synthy experimentation over pulsing basslines, in turn, driven by futuristic drum patterns. And if that seems a simple and perhaps overused approach, Telegenik proves that old adage, “it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it,” to be true and like all interesting composers, it is the boundaries that he pushes with that sound that makes this a fascinating listen.

After the hazy, drifting vibes of The Precipice, the album heads off in search of more beat-driven sonic playgrounds. Greyed Out is a trippy slice of dance music, all busy beats and swirling electronica, Limbo Can Wait is a futuristic take on R&B, gently warping the form to build an off-kilter vision of where it might go in the years to come and Raziel runs on a smooth, soulful and understated groove.

Telegenik is a vision of the future as seen from the chill out room of an underground nightclub. It is gentley dance driven but offers glimpses of where established genres might go next, how they might mix and match and merge into new forms and how technology has put thatpotential evolution in the hands of digital composers. But technology only gives you the tools, were you go and build with them is the real test.

On the strength of Telegenik, Zetroc passes that test with flying colours.

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