Take It To The Limit – Del Paxton (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

albumart-webThere is something quintessentially American about the sound that Del Paxton serve up on this taster for their forthcoming album. If the term Americana has any meaning whatsoever, then it could just as easily be applied to a song such of this, one that is woven from strands, which can only be associated with the American heartland.

If the waft of the musical carpet is an angular post-punk melody, it is cross-threaded with a weave of gloriously brash 90’s college rock sounds and the ghosts of hardcore heroes past also get to inhabit that space, just in a less confrontational stance. The pattern also contains some wonderfully downbeat emo vibes, a sound that always seemed more at home as the rallying sulk of teen bedroom slackers on that side of the Atlantic than it did on this.

The more you play the song, the more classic sounds emerge, but of course the art is to be able to pull in all those references without sounding too nostalgic or pastiche driven. Fear not, Del Paxton seem to be the masters at doing just that.

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