Monday, October 2, 2023
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Taking the Withered Hand: A Conversation with Scotland’s Famed Troubadour

Following the release of his long-awaited (and now critically acclaimed) album How To Love, we took some time to chat with Withered Hand –...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 160523

As it has been so long since I was compiling playlists on a regular basis, I thought I should bang another in to gather...

How To Love – Withered Hand (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any album that sounds like a “Best of…” rather than a regular, full-length release is obviously the product of an artist you need to...

Crippled Love – Withered Hand (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When it comes to writing songs with real longevity, immediate connectivity, authentic charm, and genuine honesty, you have either got it or you haven’t....

Waking Up – Withered Hand (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is one thing for the likes of Rolling Stone magazine to describe Withered Hand as having “killer melodies.” No disrespect intended, but it...