Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Dancing With Fire – The Violet Nines (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Remember when pop was fun and full of life? Remember when it had something to say beyond "look at me," before it was reduced...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 260621

Again, it has been a while between playlists so expect this one to be longer than usual, but no less full of great music...

Can We Go – The Violet Nines (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If The Violet Nines wander a sonic world bordered by infectious alt-pop melodies, funky rhythms, bluesy licks and sultry soul grooves, it is to...

Cloud 9 – The Violet Nines (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As this song kicks in it somehow reminds me of that strange retro vibe that crops up in The Flaming Lips music from time...