Thursday, December 7, 2023
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American Gothic – Stuart Pearson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It always pays to have a plan. Stuart Pearson has a plan. Not only does he have a plan, but he is just about...

The Devil Whammy – Stuart Pearson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Things I like in music. Grooves. Alternative sounds. Interesting voices. Dark imagery. Well-crafted song structures. Puns. So, it seems as if Stuart Pearson might...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 160523

As it has been so long since I was compiling playlists on a regular basis, I thought I should bang another in to gather...

Premiere: Miracle Wonder – Stuart Pearson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

From apple pie and Abe Lincoln to Zion National Park and ZZ Top (okay, that last one is a bit tenuous), making a list...

Mojave – Stuart Pearson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Country music might be seen as the beating sonic heart of America's musical heritage but it is its younger and more eclectically evolved sibling,...