Monday, February 6, 2023
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That Was The Musical Week That Was – 291022

Another busy and eclectic week, another collection of great music by cool artists and a bit of an inside into the sort of grassroots...

Karma – Sarah (reviewed by Darren Baker)

Sarah has, in the past, given us songs with neo-classical meets, dancefloor style and seduction with Addicted, and more recently, more subtle and understated...

Clarity – Sarah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It's been far too long since Sarah's music has featured on the site, a between Addicted and new release, Clarity, much has changed. And...

Addicted – Sarah (Deep Mix)  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even though dance music might be compartmentalised into numerous sub-genres, those smaller musical territories still cover a broad range of sounds. House music wanders...