Flashback Romance –  Lucy Mason (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have to say that I haven’t looked forward to an album release from the more mainstream end of the music market for a long time, as much as I have Flashback Romance. Though the word mainstream might not be the best to sum up Lucy Mason's drifting and sumptuous sonic charms. For although there... Continue Reading →

Lucy Mason shares stunning new single

Following her critically acclaimed 2017 EP, dream-pop soloist Lucy Mason has returned with her brand new single for ‘Save Your Breath’. A storming 2017 saw Lucy Mason not only achieve what many others can only dream but also overcome her own personal obstacles. The beginning of the year saw the release of hit single ‘Hunger’... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review Podcast – Episode 1

As promised, here's Episode 1 of our new weekly review podcast, where we take a few of the releases that have come across the desk recently, gather around a late night coffee pot, and have a collective chat about them. This week; 0:00 : Fennr Lane - Time To Ruin (single) 4:53 : Lucy Mason... Continue Reading →

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