New Music of The Day: LXXX – Wonderwall – Jourdan Myers

Anyone who knows me will probably be surprised that I am posting a cover, especially one as ubiquitous as Wonderwall. As someone who dedicates all their efforts to promoting new music, originality and uniqueness over the covers and standards scene, I normally make a firm stance against this sort of thing. But sometimes you have... Continue Reading →


Wanderlust – Jourdan Myers (video)

Minneapolis chantress Jourdan Myers has been variously described as "a golden voice that is quite beguiling" (Erik Thompson, City Pages,) "a voice so pure, it reminds me of Sarah McLachlan’s, but this lady can also belt it out" (Kate Sevigny, Lady Indie) and by us at DAA as a combination of Conor Oberst, Feist and... Continue Reading →

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