Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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That Was The Musical Week That Was – 070522

A great week for new music, all styles and sounds have been flitting around the office. Give the playlist a spin, there is something...

These Are The Only Golden Memories – Gear (reviewed by Dave...

It is easy to keep banging on about the B-word (Brit-pop) when talking about Northern Ireland's Gear, lazy journalists (of which I am one)...

Fine Smoke – Gear (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any scene, sound or style is created through the building of sonic pyramids. These start by the establishment of a solid platform as a...

Northern Ireland’s Gear announce forth-coming debut album

All too often, when bands from back in the day resume their careers after a bit of a break, it is usually to relive...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 090121

Our usual selection of the music that we have been working with to help drive away the winter blues and the lockdown boredom.

Crash and Burn – Gear (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The modern musical world is a fast-moving place. A place of exploration, of innovation, of invention. It’s a place where genres are fused into...