Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Premiere: Sinking – Gary Bamford (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Gary Bamford is probably the first to admit that music is an outlet for the mental challenges that he faces in life. But then,...

Premiere: Symbiosis – Gary Bamford (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We often view the various art forms and creative urges as travellers on separate paths. As if art doesn't all emanate from the same...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 260621

Again, it has been a while between playlists so expect this one to be longer than usual, but no less full of great music...

The Year That Wasn’t – Gary Bamford (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I've seen him about. I've watched play in others bands. I've heard music that he has scored for other people's projects. I've even exchanged...

Scatter Me – TC&I

I have posted this before but being that this site is based in Swindon, England, the home of TC&I and that having gathered a...

A quick chat with Colin Moulding

Ahead of the upcoming run of TC&I shows at Swindon Arts Centre I managed to grab a quick chat with Colin Moulding about recent...