The Year That Wasn’t – Gary Bamford (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I've seen him about. I've watched play in others bands. I've heard music that he has scored for other people's projects. I've even exchanged a few brief words with him here and there, post-gig and on the hoof. But I don't think you start understanding a musician until you have heard music that they have... Continue Reading →

Scatter Me – TC&I

I have posted this before but being that this site is based in Swindon, England, the home of TC&I and that having gathered a full band around them they are one day into a residency at the local Arts Centre, I thought it appropriate to post this again. Its a big deal for XTC fans... Continue Reading →

A quick chat with Colin Moulding

Ahead of the upcoming run of TC&I shows at Swindon Arts Centre I managed to grab a quick chat with Colin Moulding about recent events, a return to treading the boards and what the future holds. This time last year I had spoken to him and Terry Chambers about the release of their e.p. Great... Continue Reading →

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