Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Musical Musings – II: Groovers on Manoeuvres

With the dust of the Swindon Shuffle finally settling over the musical landscape and a sense of normality returning to the routine, I thought...

Cliches & Conspiracies – Charred Hearts (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The last few years have, for some very obvious reasons, been unusual times, particularly for anyone involved in anything of a creative and communal...

A Thousand Mandolins – David Marx (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

An album is more than just a collection of songs; it is a window into where an artist is, mentally, physically and often more...

An Interview with David Marx of The AK-Poets

Having started out making your first music in Swindon over thirty years ago, you are now back. What’s the story in between?   Whilst you can...

Jesus Was a Socialist – David Marx (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Coming to this album as I did at the same time as the brilliant My Crucial Execution, opens up many opportunities to compare an...

My Crucial Execution – David Marx (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In a time long assigned to the past, but which was in reality the mid eighties, I was the owner of a demo tape...

LoveJunk – The Refugees (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The genres of pop and rock have always seemed worlds apart to many, fans and writers alike. Both are awash with cliché’s and self...