That Was The Musical Week That Was

I hope that everyone is doing okay out there in these dark, isolated times. Here are some of the sounds that have been making the DAA office a happy place to be this week, I hope you findsomething new and interesting here to brighten your own location.

Bristol’s Davey Woodward presents new single ‘Bad Day’

Bristol indie music legend Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans presents bad Day', the latest single from their 'Love and Optimism' LP. Best known for his bands The Brilliant Corners, The Experimental Pop Band and Karen, they recorded this album 'live' in the studio. A very personal collection, this is Woodward's most emotional performance, putting Davey solidly amongst the best songwriters of... Continue Reading →

Music on Tap: A chat with Davey Woodward

Love and Optimism would seem to be a love letter to Bristol, in part. Was this ever a conscious move or is it just something in your musical DNA? Davey Woodward: I live in Bristol so it’s often the backdrop to songs I write. It’s unconscious. A song like ‘Clara’s Ghost’ is critical of Bristol’s history of slave... Continue Reading →

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