Stitched Shoes and an Irish Wristwatch – Buswell (reviewed by T Bebedor)

Music can mean different things to different people, we all remember the song that was popular or was playing when we had our first kiss or our first dance at a disco, and music, be it good or bad, becomes intertwined with the good times and, sadly, the bad times. Music we heard in our... Continue Reading →

The Paris Orchestra Challenge

Shaun Buswell and 100% Swedish Erik Nyberg have made a name for setting themselves unnecessarily difficult musical challenges, ones which normally see them forming scratch orchestras from random but generally musically adept strangers, teaching them new, uniquely scored sets and then performing for public delectation and amusement. Well, like a couple of musical Dave Gorman’s, they... Continue Reading →

Stitched Shoes – Buswell

You could make a decent argument for the fact that with all the challenges and logistical stunts Shaun Buswell has set himself in the last couple of years, the music has ceased to be the focus of the band, certainly when observed from the outside. The timely arrival of Stitched Shoes is therefore the perfect... Continue Reading →

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