Tae The Poets is a cracking single that marries the worlds of music, literature and the demon drink, something which is never far away from either world. Taken from the album The Birthday Poems which offers a fictionalized account of the romance between Scottish writers Stella Cartwright and George Mackay Brown and their friendship with Stanley Roger Green, it’s an ear-catching single which is both fun and full of historical resonance.

As Connelly recounts, it tells of how Brown ingratiated himself into not only the literary circle of the poets and writers which he had admired from afar but into Cartwright’s affections too. And this he does to a rousing folky sing-along celebrating the country, the creativity, the pen and those who wield it.

Tae The Poets sees Connelly collaborating with former Thrum frontwoman and guest vocalist on Belle & Sebastian’s iconic Lazy Line Painter Jane, Monica Queen and the album which they have created together feels like it is only the very beginning of something both exciting and unique.

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