The awesomely named Crime Spree in Candyland (and yes, that is now their full and official title as far as I’m concerned) is a band that perfectly embraces modern times. They understand that it is worth looking to the past for inspiration whilst striding confidently forward to embrace their own musical possibilities and sonic potential. They know that the perceived (mainly by short-sighted rockers) battle between analogue and digital is actually a wonderful dance to be savoured. They know that pop, rock and indie are just sonic trappings to be mixed and matched into wonderful and exciting new ensembles.

Their latest vehicle for such musical contradictions is entitled T.H.T.D. for reasons which I haven’t worked out. But what I have worked out is that their ability to pen lush and ornate songs, to blur genres and create addictive songs hasn’t waned. The Grand Design was full of such gorgeous music and this rivals anything found there.

They draw your attention, not through blatant pop gimmicks or rock and roll cliches, but through weaving together strands of drifting guitars, unfussy beats and bass, hazy vocal waves and subtle, chiming synths. Understatement writ large! There’s another contradiction for you. T.H.T.D. is less about making an impact but instead seems to move gracefully. Here, the band reworks the less is more ideal, in that they create numerous strands of less which they then delicately weave together to create a whole lot more.

The awesomely named Crime Spree in Candyland (see, I told you) where one of my favourite finds of last year, dropping into my inbox virtually as that miserable year came to a grinding halt. Their music reminded me of better times, both from my own formative years and, hopefully, of those to come. T.H.T.D. whatever it stands for, is the sound of the world shifting back into a better place.

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