Following last year’s Live Wire on the Sunset Strip, Waves on Waves return with another album of synth-driven collaborations. As always, the tracks are eclectic and unique and cover a range of genres, but they are all rooted in a loose, ’80s, synth-wave sound, although that is a very broad musical church.

Things range from the slow and sultry, Depeche Mode-esque Warped featuring Nebula Black to the more Darkwave vibes of Innuendo and from the Mondmann collaboration Selfish Lover, which takes the form of a dynamic and crushing dancefloor epic and a fantastic electro-rock version of early Guns ‘n’ Roses anthem One In A Million featuring Dizzy.

And that is just the tip of the musical iceberg; better you dive in yourself than try to have me explain such a broad and exploratory collection of songs. But as always, Waves On Waves have dropped something richly rewarding, adventurous and more than worthy of your hard-earned cash.

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