The thing…actually, one of the many things…that Stephen Jacques does so well is write rock and roll songs that aren’t weighed down with pretence or aloofness, that just groove along and get the job done. Remember when people did that? It hasn’t been for a while. Thankfully, we can count on Stephen to deliver the goods, a sort of old school rock sound for a new generation. (And, of course, the older generation too.)

They say if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. this seems to be Stephen’s mantra and Symphony of Freaks is a bundle of foot-on-the-monitor swagger and country licks, boundless energy and good time vibes. Violins wash through, bluesy riffs chop and slash, the beats drive, the bass pulses and punctuates, and the man himself tells us a small part of his own personal story.

That’s how you do rock and roll, folks!


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