10305325_810003055685335_3090062065222652218_nI knew that this day would come. I just didn’t know who would be the band acting as the messenger. It is the day when we finally have to abandon the tags, labels, comparisons and cross-references that in the past have been the tools of the journalistic trade and now be content to deal in less tangible concepts such as atmospheres, feelings, moods and emotions. So Nanook of The North it is you who bear such tidings, it might as well be, for you have defied conventional description right from the start.

Sweet Jubilee is their second single and it is a artful blend of fragile musical structures, delicate sound washes and fractured patterns. Guitars shimmer, dynamics rise and fall like Icarus and voices layer up in warm gregorian grace…chants would be a fine thing. And indeed they are.


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