As I look out of the office window at the pouring rain, locked away as we all are from gigs and barbeques, festivals and gatherings, at least from the way that we used to do them, it is hard to imagine that it is mid-summer. This should be a time for fun and frolics, socialising and suntans. But then a track like Summer Vibez drops into the in-box and it seems to drive all those dark thoughts away.

This latest release from Brittany Atterberry is both cool and hot. Cool, in that it is sultry and sophisticated, hot, in that it is infectious and full of life. A platform of Latin grooves, Caribbean vibes and Afro-beats sets the sonic scene for her eloquent and elegant contemporary jazz saxophone to blow seductively through the soundscape. It is the sound of parties and island life, escape and adventure, relaxation and recuperation in exotic locations.

Okay, it might not quite be able to replace the feeling of jetting off to distant parts of the map to soak up the sun and surf, but it will do until that becomes a reality once more.

(And when that does become a reality, you know just who to turn to to provide the perfect soundtrack!)

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