I think the reason that I find Tough on Fridays such a breath of fresh air is that in a world of indie bands with skinny jeans and complicated hair, macho rockers and dead-behind-the-eyes pop starlets, they remind me of the bands I grew up listening to in my post-punk, formative years. Just with the odd American twist and state-side twang. They make a glorious racket for sure but it is one that is delivered fairly straight – melody and infectiousness are more important than showing off their own musical prowess  – and the songs are honest and relatable. Summer is the perfect summation of all that.

It runs on raw and riotous rhythms, gives pop a run for its money, reminds indie that it doesn’t have to try so damn hard, that being cool is something that you either have or you don’t…these girls have it by the ton…and shows most rock music up to be the cliche ridden testosterone fuelled realms that he have always known them to be. It is short, sharp and snappy and offers up a great reminder to us more aged types of what it is like to be young, reckless and slightly unsure of who you are. Perfect.

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