Suicidal Bunny – Taffy (Club AC30) reviewed by Dave Franklin

602031_405268492903161_1599072664_nOn this first single from the forthcoming e.p. Darkle, Japanese psycho rockers Taffy manage to combine feedback drenched guitars  with fey, distant vocals and still come up with something punchy, punky and wonderfully infectious. Like a transition period Lush still channelling the shoegaze vibe but with an eye on a more mainstream indie sound, they stand at the perfect point on an axis that links swirling post-punk atmospherics with the intelligent alt-punk of the 90’s US college rock scene. Or put another way My Bloody Valentine getting a job as a Pixies tribute act…or vice verse. Either way it is the perfect combination of drive and dreamscape a great teaser for the e.p. to come.

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