CpcCbLGWYAAGJ0qThe last time I encountered Brielle she was tugging heartstrings and weaving emotive strands via slick, chilled pop vibes like a jazz diva re-invented for modern times. It was wonderful stuff, elegant, classy, restrained and controlled. But everyone needs a night off, right? A chance to throw caution to the wind and cut loose and that is exactly the mood she is in here.

Right from the off you can hear the anticipation and tension building up in the beats, from a fairly spacious and considered start it slowly adds textures, beats, dynamics, it wanders through chic dance-floor territory towards a series of musical crescendos and vocal drops.

As you would expect her vocal range is what’s really on show here with a track that runs through so many sweeps, unseen twists and instantaneous changes of direction, and whilst the two vocalists seem to have their own vocal zones covered, Brielle in the higher registers and B.o.B. providing a low end base which grounds the song perfectly, they are both able to meet in the middle ground, contrasting, competing and complementing perfectly.

Having already proven that she can deliver innovative, sophisticated and ultra modern pop, here via the contrasting lyrical flow of B.o.B. and the remix skills of Exodus and Sweet & Sour, she shows that she can equally master the euphoric dance floor filler.

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