The adage “less is more” is one that’s been echoed time and again, reminding us of the power wielded by restraint and subtlety over bombast and overindulgence. It applies to all aspects of life and within the musical spectrum Christopher Morin, the mastermind behind The Sound of Mountains, adheres to this principle with unwavering finesse, as exemplified in the brilliantly understated composition that is “Stretch Out Your Hand.”

Eschewing the temptation to unleash an avalanche of sound, Morin opts for a minimalist approach, relying on carefully selected sonic elements to paint a vivid auditory canvas. His craftsmanship resembles that of a painter deftly wielding delicate brushstrokes, crafting an exquisite watercolor masterpiece amidst a world saturated with brash, gaudy oil paintings.

“Stretch Out Your Hand” is a testament to this artistic philosophy, a captivating symphony of space and restraint. Morin weaves a tapestry of gentle, meticulously picked acoustic notes, gradually enveloping this musical reverie in a seamless embrace of silky string arrangements. These ethereal layers serve as a tranquil backdrop, allowing the guitar’s melodic wanderings to pirouette freely, creating a captivating sound dance.

It all boils down to this fundamental truth: the true virtuosos of musical beauty require minimal scaffolding to weave their enchanting melodies. Why else do rock outfits persistently crank up the decibels, or would indie ensembles strive to incite mass sing-alongs? It might sound like a sweeping generalization, but it often appears to be a case of style—or perhaps unnecessary volume—trumping substance.

The Sound of Mountains, however, doesn’t indulge in such musical theatrics. Why should he when his artistry speaks volumes in its own quiet way?


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