Street Light Interference – Rude Audio (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sitting somewhere between pure electronica and the clubland house scene, between those early keyboard pioneers and the cutting edge of today’s tastes and technology, between song-making and soundscaping, the here and now and that what’s yet to come…you find Rude Audio. And within those very broad demarkations these electronic troubadours splice and re-invent all manner of sounds, hop any number of genres and produce deft and discerning dance floor treats that have a very definite sonic fingerprint.

Whereas many of their contemporaries have stayed within the tried and tested rhythms and repetitions, and play to the gallery as it were, Street Light Interference is the sound of exploration, of hidden pathways being ventured down, of new boundaries being pushed, brave generic fusions and new pastures being romped through. Although favouring a slower and more chilled pace, this is certainly not some early hours clubland cop out, all simple synth washes and saccharine sounds, this is the sound of creativity, but creativity done at its own chosen pace. No quick hit gimmickry, no sonic punches to hide the fact that they have nothing to say, this is a musically literate conversation with the listener, one that is informed by clubs and cultures, travel, both physical and sonic, of then and now, of nostalgia and future potential.

And if you think that all music aimed at the dance floor is a simple sugar rush, throw away sounds that are forgotten as the last notes fade out and the next tune builds up behind it…think again. Don’t Follow Me, for example, is a swampy pulsating musical morass shot through with North African vibes and shimmering, evocative vocals and Rumble on Arab St. comes in the form of two brilliant remixes, one built on bass driven intricacies the other a hazy, futuristic slice of dreamy sci-fi dance. Rude Alert has a chiming and slightly wonky oriental beat and Pipeline Screaming runs on a robotic, industrial-dance groove.

As always Rude Audio show us what dance, house, electronica…genres are so hard when you get into their world…can be. Forget conformity, forget following the existing templates, this is genuinely music which is leading the way, writing its own rules and is having an inordinate amount of fun as it does so.


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