Strangest Thing – Tiny Fighter (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

About this time last year, I remember being thoroughly impressed by Tiny Fighter’s Tell Me, a song which seemed to echo everything that was cool about the pre-Brit-pop underground scene, a rare blend of mainstream accessibility and effortlessly cool alternative vibes. Strangest Thing is a equally impressive song but one which seems to sit very much in the here and now rather than look too much to the past. I suppose you would call it indie or pop, or indie-pop, but in reality it is just a well-crafted and infectious little number and that is all you need to know. Although just scanning through their bio I have seen the phrase “berserker chamber-pop,” I have no idea what that means but it seems both wonderfully vague and totally accurate for their music. All labels are largely meaningless so why not chose one which sounds as fun as that?

Strangest Thing, the lead single from their forth-coming debut album, is a fantastic slice of sonic gloss mixed with perfectly crafted melodies. Everyone is doing exactly what they need to do…the back beat drives but is unfussy, the bass line pulses and meanders just enough, guitars chug or chime, shimmer or soar as required and Therese Karlsson has one of those unforgettable voices, it’s as simple as that.

Having grown out of an artsy, labour of love, studio project, Tiny Fighter is now a full on touring outfit winning over an army of fans and critics alike with their live stage-craft and ability to craft perfectly formed indie-pop tunes. Going Home, the full album will be out on 27th March but somehow I think that Strangest Thing will be more than enough to keep you satisfied whilst you wait for that to arrive.

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