Just because the vote doesn’t go your way doesn’t mean that you have to stop making the argument and at least the return of Boris Johnson, a resounding return at that, means that Cabinet of Millionaires will have no shortage of subject matter to work with. Not that they were ever stuck for things to write about and that isn’t about to change any time soon. I have often said that given the state of the world, the division, suspicion, entrenchment and, at times, downright hatred for our fellow man, there should be more political music being made. Punk and Hip-hop were both scenes born out of frustration and disenfranchisement, where is the modern equivalent? Though to be fair there is probably all manner of cool, incendiary, rabble rousing music being made by Grime artists playing to young audiences, clubland rebels creating subversive soundtracks, by musical activists sat in their bedrooms wielding lap-tops fifteen floors up in inner city block. It’s just that for obvious reasons it isn’t blipping on my radar, the fault is mine not theirs!

Teaming up with dub stalwarts Zion Train once more to remix their music is a shrewd move, and this time the e.p. includes a rave inspired version from Acid House Therapy and Mikk Stupp’s (I see what you did there) electro-rock sound clash. The result is a suite of sonic triplets, all perfectly intwined yet all with their own personalities.

Music should have a message, if you are not using the platform that making music allows to spread your ideas then you are wasting an opportunity. But making the music is one thing, making people listen is a whole different thing. Cabinet of Millionaires, and those they trust to give their songs musical makeovers are smart enough to know that if you engage the feet, the head will follow. Message by musical osmosis. The revolution never felt so overdue…or so utterly groovy!

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