Stop Pushing Love Away – The Pete V Project (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pete-V-Project-Publicity-1400x1400We all know that music is cyclical in nature and that there isn’t too much that exists in the present that doesn’t have some sort of root in the past. Even with that in mind it isn’t often that a song manages to sound both backward glancing, forward thinking and completely relevant to the present day all at the same time. The Pete V Project’s latest single does just that.

Once underway the song is driven by a happy hardcore beat, all urgency and adrenaline and wonderfully at odds with the restraint and soulfulness of Marie Virginie Pierre’s sublime vocals and the woozy, sultry late night, jazz bar vibes of Antonio Campbell’s sonorous saxophone. But that is the art of it I guess, it may be easy to drop this track into a box and label it EDM, but it references as many past sounds as it does offer new musical benchmarks.

It’s a straightforward and unfussy song; it does what it sets out to do with a minimum of fuss, that is, build a clean-limbed and eminently danceable track. But even with the simplest of lines, most easily recognisable of beats and very few extraneous details or musical embellishments it still manages to find somewhere new to take the genre. EDM soul? Happy jazz-core? Don’t worry about it…just dance

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