11407169_10155731769265615_1130954045742798053_ntunnelmental experimental assembly continue their quest to make socially aware, message bearing, subversive dance music with their latest track Sting. It is a quest that has taken them from the cold West Country clays to the warm West Coast of another continent and through various shifting musical styles. But they have always used their platform to say something important, something rare in the dance culture they now find themselves. Maybe that is the whole, subliminal messages rising up through the dance floor, positive vibrations for a distracted generation.

And here the message comes in various flavours with a series of clever remixes from the “skunky glitchy hop mix” to the “trans iris nation remix” names as bizarre as the music is wonderful.

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  1. […] tunnelmental experimental assembly has always had something to say but they have always done so in such a way that you can think about and interpret the lyrics as best suits you. This is the power of debate and suggestion rather than preaching. Halo sees an almost staccato Shakespearean rap about religion and blind faith delivered over sweeping synths, disembodied harmonies and a groovesome dance beat, and in its perfectly timed way is a poignant and subtle inditement about what lies at the root of many of today’s problems. Money, politics, class, as well as faith have all become religions that are an excuse for entrenched ideas and hatred. Time for change! […]

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