Still – Dizmation (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When he isn’t fronting indie-folksters Fiction Peaks, Joey Doyle makes music on the side under the name Dizmation and Still is his latest single under that moniker. And it is easy to draw a line between his solo sound and that of the band, mainly through his ability to write effortlessly addictive melodies and this is a song which is certainly based on this.

What sets Still apart though is its rawness and sonic weight. Although the band’s debut, Citizen, does also have its heavier moments, these are usually wrapped in a sort of digital haze, smoothing the edges somewhat. Here, things are left more jagged, sharp-edged, and wilfully and wonderfully under-refined.

And it is this slightly raw, garage rock sound being used to deliver an infectious melody which creates the song’s great dynamic. Indie, alt-rock, pop….call it what you will, they are all in there somewhere, what matters is that this is a song which has mass appeal. The rock fraternity will love the weight and squalling guitar solo, the indie set will adore the effortless cool, the pop pickers its easy melody. The cool kids and the taste-makers will beat a path to be the first to have discovered it and the mainstream pop-pickers will simply be attracted to its fantastic groove.

Sounds like he has all the bases covered to me.

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