Still Crazy Over You –  Forrest Hill (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

artworks000268347053zmzqljt500x500There is something wonderfully vaudeville at the heart of Still Crazy….that same musical hall heart which beat at the core of the likes of Randy Newman’s mercurial creations but also the jaunt of the 70’s blue-eyed R&B and a whole swath of classic singer-songwriters from the urban acoustica of Paul Simon to the genre-hopping Ben Folds. It isn’t so much that it is a song built against the grain of fashion, more that it is the product of an artist who doesn’t care for such things, or at least wilfully ignores the rules.

Still Crazy…is brassy, breezy and full of bounce, is invested with humour as well as romance, is gently whimsical and seems to wander between the modern world in the way it is put together but has an approach, especially lyrically which seems from a much earlier time. And it is a real shame that not many people make music like this any more because it is eloquent, making its point without resorting to the usual childish and vacuous pop vocabulary and repetitive over egging. And if the music is cut from good cloth, lyrically it reminds us that you can’t beat a good story and if you are going to musically woo, then the least you can do is put some thought into it. Pop grooves might be the extent of someones pick up line but seductive wit is really where it is at!

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