Shawn Cook believes in evolution rather than revolution, at least when it comes to making music. And his latest single, Stay, is the perfect example of just what that means. Rather than drop some sort of sonic hand grenade into the musical landscape, kick down the doors, storm the barricades and attempt to usher in whole new sounds and scenes, instead, he is smart enough to learn from the past but make music for the here and now as a way of taking urban music towards a bright new future.

To this end, he first blends all the elements that made hip-hop great in the first place with forward-thinking rap and even accessible pop elements. The result is an excellent yet completely calculated blend of modern grooves and old-school moves. Trap beats build a cool rhythm whilst dark and delicious electronica swirls and seduce, and on top of that, his deft lyrics and dexterous vocal glide confidently over the soundscape he has created.

Music should be aware of its own past to know how best to build a future for itself. Stay in the sound of Shawn Cook doing just that.

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