Start a Fire (e.p.) – James Robinson (Perfect Heights Music) – reviewed by Dave Franklin

Start-A-Fire-jPEGFollowing on from reviewing the title track single, it was only logical to explore the rest of James Robinson’s recent e.p. and like all good lead tracks you find that it is the perfect calling card for the remaining three songs. From the aforementioned opening salvo he continues to explore simple textual weaves and subtle layering in the music then overlay it with a voice that channels the last days of summer and the last light of day as a subtext.


We inhabit a musical world that is largely built around immediacy and impact, shiny images and transiency, thankfully that describes everything Start A Fire is not. Think back to those days before music was spoon-fed into your ears by a multi-media system that was hotwired only into your back balance. Remember buy records that your friends recommended, or a late night radio DJ had played, that you played religiously and lovingly to absorb every nuance and learn every word? No? Well, I do and Start A Fire reminds me of those days. Gentle, slow building music that seeps into your soul over continuous plays until you realise that you have fallen truly in love with something that was only meant to be a passing infatuation at best.


Other reviews have waxed lyrical about the affective song writing, the Nick Drake vibe, the previous life fronting a well know alt-pop band. Well, yes it’s all true but that goes without saying, for me this e.p. reminds me of the reason I fell in love with music in the first place. How rewarding slow, subtle emotions are, how the music asks you to meet it half way and be part of the personal journey the two of you are about to embark on, a journey that may take you the rest of your life. And they say it’s only music.

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