Stand The Rain – Speedy2x (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hip-hop, and the whole urban sound which grew from it, was always about experimentation. These were people who rewired existing technology, sampled past sounds and even invented new ways of delivering their fledgeling sound. From there the sound became one of the biggest influences on modern music. And although the days of hot wiring turntables have long gone, the spirit of experimentation is what sets the best of its sonic descendants apart from the pack.

Speedy2x knows this only too well. He has created a signature sound by turning auto-tune into an instrument to enhance and heighten his vocals and running it over trippy trap beats. Stand The Rain uses these beats to great effect, building up the role of the bass drum and using it almost as a melody in its own right.

And between this bottom end, grounding sound and the future-pop vocals which soar above it, it is in the space between which is also utilised to the fullest effect. In it, Speedy2x uses this middle ground to create beguiling sonics and build atmospherics which drift between the solidity of the beat and the crescendo of the vocals acting as an almost invisible bridge but as essential as any other component of the song. Shards of half-heard guitar chords, the distant echoes of the vocals drift hauntingly and all manner of deft and delicate sonic motifs wash around filling the space with opaque intrigue.

Stand The Rain is the sound of modern-day urban music writing its own next chapter. If it borrows from the past at all, it is only in the attitudes and inventiveness it approaches the task at hand with. Too many artists are concerned with revolution, with breaking the form and making a musical stance. Revolution rarely has a permanent impact on the future. Speedy2x makes music which is all about evolution rather than revolution, knowing that it is through evolution that the future is written. Welcome to the sound of the future.

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