Sr. Tweak Tweak – Speedyville Nardy (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This latest album from Chicago’s Speedyville Nardy is a riot of spoken word, random vocal sounds and dexterous raps, put to the beguiling and meandering electronica which has become the hallmark of modern rap music. The music definitely takes second place to the vocals that it forms a platform for but that has always been the case with this genre. The voice is king, the words are everything.

It’s music from the streets, of the streets and for the streets, laying out stark salvos of life in unadorned honesty. Skittering trap beats add glitchy energy to the songs but there is a purposeful spaciousness left in the middle ground, a negative space which acts as a perfect frame around the focal point lyrical content. If additional weight and texture are needed it more often comes from cross rapping or strange vocal ticks and techniques creating layers of voice as instrument, which seems much more relevant here than any bass pulse or guitar lick would be.

Sr. Tweak Tweak is the sound of urban music at the sharp end, rap and hip-hop condensed down to its lyrical essence, the sound of real life reduced to its minimalist a cappella core.

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