Soulmates – Lauren Waller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

thumbnail-1Clever pop music! That isn’t a phrase that you come across very often. In this world of throw-away music, it is the most commercial, by its very nature, which has the shortest shelf life, a product to be purchased, used and discarded as the fickle finger of fashion having writ, moves on. But Soulmates is something else, a combination of the best elements of the pop genre, vibrancy, infectiousness, an instantly hummable tune, probably the simplest and most important test anyway, coupled with a poetic and poignant look at relationships.

Electro-pop hooks and synthetic beats form the basis on which Lauren Waller positions her impressive vocals, vocals which wander between confident commercial strains and ethereal haze and which demonstrate a neat sonic range and varied range of deliveries. Here she waxes lyrical about the object of her affections not being all they might seem and the result is a clever and quirky mix of pop and dance, sassy enough to ride the waves of fashion and robust enough to, given the right tail wind and a dash of luck, become a future classic.

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