Soul Nostalgia 3 – Bey Bright (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Often seen as the “bad boy of Indie-Soul,” Bey Bright is a Grammy-nominated, New York-based music executive, record producer, songwriter, artist and entrepreneur. As the CEO of indie soul label Bright Vision Entertainment, he seeks to motivate, inspire & entertain through a blend of deftly crafted soul music and messages of love.

His latest release, Soul Nostalgia 3 is a blend of familiar soul traditions and the sounds and sonics of the modern, cutting edge studio. Turning Me On, is a funky groover blending subtle strings with contemporary bass pulses and Love Zone echoes timeless soul ballads, touching on everything from 70’s soul to 90’s R&B and the urban sound of the 21st century.

He creates this blend of past and present by employing the latest keyboard and production techniques and his thirst for knowledge studying new music styles and technology always keeps him one step ahead of the game.

Soul Nostalgia 3 is a collection of songs with mass appeal. Old-School soul fans will love the comforting familiarity of the tunes and today’s nu-soul posse will embrace the evolution that he has put such a sound through. How could such an EP not do well?

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