Sooner_or_Later_cover_400There is something that lies at the heart of Lynne Taylor Donovan’s sound which seem to make me picture it playing from an old radio at a low volume at night, perhaps as the quiet sound track to the scene of a film, one tinged with love, loss and longing. It is a resonance, a certain sonic heart, a depth of classicism, and a feeling that even whilst hearing the song for the first time it is somehow woven into the very fabric of the human condition.

Although she works in the modern country genre, musically she seems to possess an old soul, remembering when such music was still connected to the emotive sound of the genre of the same name and equally so to the tragedy of blues, rather than the modern influx of urban cowboyism and career paths paved with rhinestones. But for all its traditionalism, it is still very much of the present as well, wonderfully reminding us of the cyclical nature of all music.

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