Any album which opens with a track entitled Mr Abbott’s Misogyny Emporium has to be an album worth checking out. The fact that the song turns out to be a charging post-ska, bass-driven, funk-punk slice of apocalyptic blues oblivion merely justifies your interest.

When track two, Hand In The Till adds vocals into the mix, they are exactly how you thought they would be – threatening, unconventional, wayward and weird….in a good way, of course.

And so it goes, threading its way through a broken and reassembled alt-rock landscape, one built out of discarded garage rock rabble-rousing riotousness, offbeat indie intrigue, fractious blues and warped stoner rock. Burnt Plastic alone is worth you picking this album up and when you do, and you will, you’ll find eight other weird and wonderful musical travelling companions which you will quickly get to know and consider good friends.

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