Most of the world has spent the past year just wondering how to get through these isolated and locked-down times. But, with some light finally glowing at the end of the tunnel, the question seems to be more about who you want to be as you emerge blinking into the light of the new normal. For many, this strange year has been a sort of reset button, a chance to hide away in a personal cocoon and, hopefully, emerge as a whole different butterfly on the other side. At least that is the question posed by Beth Snapp on this latest single.

Something To Prove is Beth talking about both how far she has come with such a process of renewal but also, knowing that she probably hasn’t come as far as she would like, a mission statement of where she wants to go and how she wishes to see that process to continue and blossom.

And, as always, she wraps the idea up in some cool and infectious music. A jaunty, upbeat slice of acoustica that rises from a sort of busking, solo opening pitch into a bustling and buoyant piece of euphoric roots-pop. Beats shuffle, old-time fiddles soar, chords are rhythmically strummed and floating on top of it all, Beth‘s message of positivity and personal empowerment.

“We won’t ever get out if we don’t move, And though I don’t see a light, If I keep going I might,” really gets to the heart of what the song is about. The world is changing irrevocably for better or worse…probably a mixture of both…and so now is the perfect time to embrace personal change. Embrace the new you, be the person that you have always longed to be, take risks, re-invent yourself …the sky’s the limit. And when you need a bit of encouragement, when you have to be reminded that this is your time to shine, then you have this gorgeous, positive and gorgeously positive tune to pep you up and recharge your soul.

It’s not about having something to prove to the world around you, it is about having something to prove to yourself, which is the only person you should ever feel obligated to. And if not now…when?

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