Something New – Gerry Cea (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes even genres fail you. In fact, when it comes to the best music, it happens nine times out of ten. What I’m trying to say in my muddle way is that Something New defies classification in the way that often the best music does. So, It’s Okay is a rocky and groovesome little opening salvo, Sad to Say Goodbye leans into a James Taylor singer-songwriter vibe and pushes it into a more modern pop-rock sound and One Day at a Time is a reflective, shimmering indie number but….Hang on. Actually, maybe the problem isn’t that he doesn’t fit into a genre, perhaps it is that he seems to be able to do all of them. And do all of them really well. Damn, this album is cleverer than I first realised.

And what is even more clever is that although Gerry has spend years becoming friends with some quite famous musical names through the restaurant that he makes his living from, it was only at the age of 50 that he took the logical next step to his musical dreams, entered a music studio and, under the guidance of Rudy Perez and Chris Price made this album. They say good things come to he who waits, well, this genre-hopping and style-merging album was certainly worth waiting for. 

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