In an earlier time, one where a reviewer would be obliged to assign generic labels and sonic pigeon-holes to a piece of music, So Alive might prove to be a bit of a problem. Thankfully, in this genre-hopping, post-genre world we don’t need to resort to such rigid journalistic policy and we can just look at the music from a broader perspective. It is just as well as the song’s hypnotic fairy-tale, pop-dance electronica and sultry jazz-blues vocals make for a wonderfully strange combination. Strange in a good way, strange as in unique, strange as in original. So Alive is nothing if not original.

It chimes along on a shimmering, fairground ride musical wave which makes for a perfect, at odds, juxtaposition to  lyrics which seem to come from a troubled mind. They seem to start from an odd yet innocent place and as they reveal more and more about the narrative slowly descend into the stuff of horror, one line at a time. And it is this blend of simple and repetitive music and chilling insight into the mindset of someone who is clearly living in their own, strange, psychotic, delusional world, which makes it so jolting, so raw and effective.

So Alive acts as a mission statement for a forth-coming album but one that the artist suggests will only happen if enough people get behind the project. So if you are intrigued to know what other mad stories and horrific narratives the strangely named No Serial Killer has ready to unleash on us, the unsuspecting public, then you can contact them for more information and make sure that even more of their brilliantly odd music sees the light of day or perhaps the dark of night.

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