Sling Shot – David Moore “aka Big Worm” (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You have to be doing something out of the ordinary on the saxophone to use it as a lead instrument. It has always lent itself perfectly to being an ensemble instrument, as the spearhead of the mass ranks of the brass attack or as an interlude, the perfect solo performer, jumping into the limelight for a short, sharp and stunning lead break. But becoming the focal point for the duration of a song requires some serious chops. Thankfully that is David Moore’s stock in trade.

Sling Shot is one of those incessantly groovy numbers, and one which showcases his impressive range and variation on the instrument, running from growling, howling sonic gales to sunny and sassy lilting lines. But unlike many given such a spotlight, this isn’t about showboating or ego trips, it is the song which is served rather than the player, it’s just that Moore has so much to give that he is able to wander through myriad moods and moves, power and poise to make the song stand out.

It is smooth, gently jazz-infused, occasionally bold but always tasteful. What more could you ask for from such as song?

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