Silent Trees – Pentral (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rock music, especially that which resides in the metal sub-category, has always shared a lot of sonic traits with classical music and so in turn the devotional and religious music from which that genre rose. It is often symphonic and majestic, sky-scraping and awe-inspiring. A new form of sonic worship perhaps but to different cultural icons.

Silent Trees, however, sounds as if it comes from a more primal and earthy place. But then coming from Brazil, a country that is over 60% forest, how could such an ancient connection with the natural world not be present? Even if not consciously but certainly by some sort of spiritual osmosis. Here, it seeps into everything, not just the lyrics but the music too, which is heavy with the weight of history and lore, cavernous and majestic, dark and brooding, unhurried and full of purpose.

This single is taken from the forthcoming album What Lies Ahead of Us, a record which they describe as a “declaration,” a statement of intent and manifesto for the message and meanings which they wish to impart to the listener. And those messages are ones of peace and consideration, of meeting hate and confrontation with love and understanding.

And this message they carry out into the world via a unique progressive-metal sound. One that is both melodic and dynamic, exploratory yet groovesome, wandering between understated, classical vocal atmospherics and thunderous metal soundscapes.

Metal fans will love the impact and weight of the music that Pentral makes, prog fans its ever-shifting and changeable nature. And everyone should take something from the song and the video about the challenges and responsibilities that we as custodians of the only planet we have ever called home, are faced with today.

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